13th International Sándor Ferenczi Conference

Ferenczi in Our Time

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A Renaissance of Psychoanalysis

May 3-6, 2018  ~  Florence, Italy

Ferenczi Renaissance 2018 is appropriately being held in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance in the 1500’s, which initiated a rediscovery of Classical Greek and Roman knowledge and wisdom, neglected and forgotten during the Dark Ages. Likewise, Sándor Ferenczi’s original ideas and research on theory and technique, as well as the legacy of his example as a sensitive clinician, attuned to the patient’s needs, were once consigned to oblivion. Fortunately though, Ferenczi’s work has been rediscovered by a new generation of psychoanalysts who find his ideas quite relevant to contemporary relational analytic approaches especially with disturbed and traumatized patients.

This conference will bring together an international gathering of clinicians, researchers, and academics to discuss and debate the present-day relevance of Ferenczi’s ideas and work.

The themes of the conference, Introjection and Transmission; Trauma, Fragmentation, and Narrative; and Innovations in the Clinical Encounter: Elasticity, Relaxation, and Mutuality, are indicative of the breadth of Ferenczi’s creative psychoanalytic thinking and research. On these broad themes, contributors and audience are invited to add their own creative narratives based on collegial discourse with colleagues in a Ferenczian Psychoanalytic Renaissance.